maxiCloud Hosting Architecture

Especially designed for hosting Archibus Enterprise as SaaS


Fully customizable, isolated and secured solutions

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Optimized, flexible and scalable IT Architecture designed specifically to host Archibus projects.

Security Layer

The security layer offers a series of optional add-ons to protect your project.

Firewall, with these options to be applied upon request:

Front-End Layer

This is the “entrance” to your project from the “exterior” (Internet) if there are no additional protective options requested on the Security Layer.

There is no direct access to the Application Layer (where Archibus software is installed), only through the Front-End Layer.

The three components listed below are included by default in the following SLAs: GoldHost, PlatinumHost and DiamondHost (not in SilverHost, where all layers are in one container):

Web Proxy: A Clustered web proxy solution where ASC-HS checks and processes basic web security measures, terminates SSL, user access control and balance as well as redirection of URLs. ASC-HS will never access or control the user access beyond this layer, meaning that ASC-HS has no access to the security and user access policies applied in the Archibus solution deployed at the Application Layer. This is restricted to the End-User and the Implementer if permited by the End User.

FTPs: The FTPs (encrypted) service is the only acces we provide to manage some parts (folders) in the Archibus project. This is the only gateway to the Application Layer.

Load Balancer: Depending on the SLA requested from us, a load balancer will simply redirect to the correct Application Layer container/server or it can also apply balancing rules regarding performance, redirecting to mirrored Archibus application containers/servers when needed.


Integration Layer

These options permit your Archibus Project (hosted by ASC-HS) to integrate with third party solutions, or corporate solutions, in the Cloud or On Premises:

BRUCE Connector: the gateway to integrate your Archibus project into BRUCE Platform – more details.

Integration Gateway: permits integration with third options by specific secured port connections through Web Services.

Archibus REST API by ASC-Spain & ASC-HS: provides access to your Archibus hosted project through API calls via secured ports.


Application Layer

This Layer hosts the container(s) of your Archbus Project.

It includes the standard deployment of Archibus Software that can be managed in just one or multiple redundant containers/servers.

As an option, when requested, the Archibus container also hosts the embedded Single Sign On (SSO) solution.

Back-End Layer

As the name describes, the Back-End layer contains the more protected and secured data and services:

  • The Encrypting Service
  • The Back-Up Service
  • And the Database Cluster

All information contained by this Layer is encrypted.

This Layer can only be accessed by ASC-HS personnel, who are well trained and strictly following Information & Privacy Security and Management Policies and Procedures.  read ASC-HS public Information Security Policy

Control Layer

This Layer contains ASC-HS’ internal tools to Control & Manage the projects we host, and below are the services that are committed to providing excellence in hosting services for Archibus:

Container Management orchestrates ASC-HS high availability container ecosystem which spans over multiple datacenters over the globe.

Monitoring & Alerting System: provides immediate alerts and permits us to monitor the performance and security in the projects.

DNS & e-mail servers: service for name resolution and email traffic, like notification and alerting emails

Analytics & Statistics: permits us to elaborate reports on usage and access.

Project Management SystemFront-End and Back-End: provides access to our global network of Business Partners to handle the Administration of their projects, and to ASC-HS technicians and logistics personnel to handle the projects that we host.