High Service Level Agreements 

Cloud performance is our highest priority. Because of the critical nature of Archibus Solutions, Archibus Hosting Services’ Service Level Agreement (SLA) is designed to protect our customers against unscheduled outages. Our SLA provides exceptional levels of availability with penalties for failure to comply with the SLA.

​Archibus Diamond Host



​Archibus Platinum Host



​Archibus Gold Host



​Archibus Silver Host



Global Content Delivery Network (CDN)

  • Static content caching
  • Static file compression
  • Content minification
  • On-the-fly image optimization

Global Content Delivery Network (CDN) solves the problem of latency. It is utilized to facilitate fast, secure, and reliable worldwide distribution of content. A CDN is a system of distributed servers that deliver content to a user, based on their geographic location, the origin of the webpage and the content delivery server.

The idea is to minimize the physical distance between the server and the user to reduce latency, accelerate site load times, reduce bandwidth consumption secure applications and even block data scrappers and other forms of spammers hitting the server.

For example, CDN is used by Spotify who needs very demanding delivery services in the Cloud.

High availability

The architecture of our Cloud hosting options is created keeping in mind availability, security and performance.



Archibus SilverHost Hosting and PaaS



​Archibus GoldHost Enterprise SaaS and PaaS

​Archibus PlatinumHost Enterprise SaaS and PaaS

​Archibus DiamondHost Enterprise SaaS and PaaS

No disputes from our customers 

In our 12 years of service in the Cloud: more than 600 projects managed, 0 security breaches, over 900 rejected cyber-attacks (more than 2 per week), 16 hours out of service and 0 disputes or pay-backs for malfunction claimed from our customers.