Cloud Consultancy and Outsourcing

for Archibus Business Partners and Archibus Customers


Delivering Archibus in the Cloud since 2007 


We offer implementation Consultancy, Business Process Outsouring (BPO) and full Managed Services for your own hosting environments. 

Getting ready to host by yourself

1) Find out which Cloud is best for your project(s)

We provide you consultation services and whitepapers on:

  • Archibus Cloud Ecosystem (Integrated Cloud) Architecture definition
  • Private/Public/Native/Hybrid Cloud and the meaning of it in the Archibus environment
  • Cloud providers: IBM Cloud, AWS, Azure, Oracle Cloud…

2) Build a hosting environment to deliver Archibus in the Cloud

Archibus hosting environment in Private Cloud

Archibus hosting environment in Public Cloud

Archibus hosting environment in Hybrid Cloud

Other services

Integration in the Cloud

In Cloud Integration we can support you on:

  • Identity management and Single Sign-On with Archibus in the Cloud
  • BIM Integration Platforms
  • IoT hubs and platforms, integration with Archibus Cloud
  • Adding Blockchain and Smart-Contracts to Archibus Cloud, by using BRUCE Platform

Our vision on Cloud Integration

Cloud is the new pinnacle of IT, integrating corporate systems hosted currently in multiple Clouds is essential to build a true Corporate Cloud Ecosystem.

Migration & Transformation plans

  • Journey to Cloud
  • Cloud evolution
  • Cloud-2-Cloud
  • Client Servers to Cloud

Specific for Archibus customers / projects.

Securing Archibus in the Cloud

Secured architecture to host Archibus in the Cloud.

Security add-ons to secure Archibus in the Cloud.


Docker’s container delivery

  • Optimizing and customizing Archibus to be hosted in Docker
  • Hosting architecture to deploy Archibus in Docker’s containers
  • Customizing modules and services integration
  • Building Microservices for Archibus in the Cloud

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