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Enabling Intelligent Built Environment

The evolution of Private Cloud

Integrating Cloud Solutions and Cloud Infrastructure for the Intelligent Management of the Built Environment


Intelligent Cities

Intelligent Buildings

Intelligent Communties

Private Cloud has become essential to organizations who have moved their business activities to the Cloud, but they require more than customizedsecuredisolated solutions, as we have been offering more than 10 years. 

They need to add integration and synergy between all their systems in the Cloud and the ones of their stakeholders and partners in the value chain delivery. 

Where is the problem?


Having to switch back and forth between systems, rarely having a complete overview of what exactly is going on, constantly having to manage all these point solutions with nothing being quite exactly what your organization needs…

This does not sound smart. But Smart is what we are going for these days. 

The solution: connected & synergic Cloud Ecosystem

Our customers want their Cloud solutions to be more than just Smart, they must be Intelligent: Connected & Synergyc.

We have seen huge improvements and technological innovations in the last couple of years, and Private Cloud is ready for the next step in evolution: Cloud Ecosystem. 

Our Cloud Ecosystem components will enable the most secured, efficient and accurate way to integrate your systems in the Cloud.

Cloud Ecosystem Components


Bruce Platform


Archibus Hosting Services


Expert consutancy

A global Platform built with Blockchain for Business (X-Road) and Smart Contracts for standardized automated data exchange between systems for the Construction, Real Estate and Facility Management Industry.

  1. Archibus Add-ons
  2. Archibus Vertical Solutions
  3. Cloud Ecosystem Solutions
  4. Point Solutions
  1. Helping Archibus Business Partners to sell Cloud and integrated in the Cloud solutions
  2. Deploying and managing global projects
  3. Consultancy on Going to Cloud