ASC-HS Information Security Policy


Information Security Policy Statement


ARCHIBUS SOLUTION CENTER HOSTING SERVICES OÜ (ASC-HS is a company operating in the provision of cloud hosting service management, and related consultations and IT support services. This policy statement covers processes between ASC-HS and its clients, external providers as well as ASC-HS internally.


ASC-HS has commitment to provide services in a manner which ensures:

  1. information confidentiality* – to keep information (both on hard or digital copies) exclusively attainable only to authorized persons, and away from people who should not have it.
  2. information integrity – information stored on hard or digital copies must be complete, accurate and valid, provided without any type of manipulation or changed in a way that is not appropriate.
  3. information availability* – information on hard or digital copies can be accessed by the people who should access it.

* confidentiality and availability contribute to integrity


ASC-HS has commitment to satisfy applicable requirements related to information security and continually improve the information security management system.

This IS policy statement is communicated within our company in our computer network and is available to relevant interested parties in our office by request.   

This policy statement is a live document, and is reviewed and updated if necessary at least once per year during our management review meetings.


Miguel Sanchez-Miguel
CEO of ARCHBIUS Hosting Services