Archibus Hosting Services

Value Proposition

Offering Archibus in the Cloud since 2007


Optimized, flexible and scalable IT Architecture to host Archibus projects.

Our value proposition

for our Customers and Business Partners

Specific for Archibus

Our main business and area of expertise is hosting the industry standard IWMS software Archibus.

Our hosting architectures and SLAs have been fully designed for Archibus.

We are experts in Cloud and SaaS delivering Archibus Hosted and Archibus Enterprise SaaS since 2007.

Commited SLA

We offer different SLA levels, all of them enforced by penalties:

4 for Archibus Enterprise SaaS:
DiamondHost Enterprise SaaS, PlatinumHost Enterprise SaaS, GoldHost Enterprise SaaS and SilverHost PaaS.

and 4 for Archibus Hosted (PaaS):
DiamondHost PaaS, PlatinumHost PaaS, GoldHost PaaS and SilverHost PaaS.

Lowering operating cost

Orchestrating a proper hosting infrastructure means a lot of hidden costs: database admins, cyber-security experts, system-admins, etc.

Our dimensions give us the capacity to provide a competitive advantage which is mainly based on the economy of scale and ASC-HS specialization.

Support 24x7

ASC-HS has the resources to keep a continuous support system to assure the best-optimized performance and delivery of our hosted Archibus projects.


Monitoring & 24x7 alerts

Our Business Partners and Customers can rely on our experts that are continuously making sure that everything is running smoothly.

ASC-HS has deployed very sophisticated systems that are tracking the performance of every single project while not accessing the data nor the information within Archibus software.

Protected information

The architectures for hosting provided by Archibus Hosting Services are based on the priciples of Hybrid and Private Cloud performed over Containers that keep every single project isolated in its own infrastructure and the information fully protected from external accesses, layered and shielded with different levels!

A minimum of projects is needed to maintain this type of architecture in a sustainable way, which again is matter of economy of scale and specialization.

Specialization and expertise

A high level of expertise in Archibus, Cloud Computing and Systems Administration is needed to keep the Security Layer that we offer in all of our SLAs accurate and safe.

Firewall Configuration, Single Sign-On deployments, WAF monitoring, decisions, updates and patching in OS and RDBMS, running security audits, performing and driving Penetration Tests for/with our customers is what it takes to keep Archibus Enterprise SaaS safe.

Common knowledge and early detections

Our monitoring and management on a global scale provides an incredible level of experience and understanding of better practices to be implemented.

Our global vision on Archibus Cloud delivery enables proactive and early detection on issues or bugs and permit us to prevent and detect vulnerabilities and irregularities to ensure that nothing negative impacts the delivery of Archibus Hosted or Archibus Enterprise SaaS.


Since early 2007, we have been offering 13 years of service.

More than 600 projects managed globally using our proven fully secured (0 breaches) architecture with multiple First-in-Class Cloud providers: AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud, and ORACLE Cloud.

Now, we also want to share this experience, which is why we have added Cloud Consultancy to our service catalog. 



A very simple recurrrent SaaS delivery model for a great and sometimes complex software.

Permitting full customization and isolation for each project.

Our procurement and delivery process is the simplest way to get your Archibus solution in place, by using Cloud and multiple environments to Develop, Test and Serve (Production).

The synchornization with our Global Network of Local Experts (Archibus Business Partners) in conjuction with our Cloud makes it easy to get the right resources for the right solution.


The design of our architecture, different SLAs (infrastructures for hosting) and our catalog of products & services, make it possible for any combination of proven components to fit with your needs.

Financial efficiency

Archibus Enterprise SaaS is a predictable recurrent cost (OPEX). It is without barriers of large investments (not CAPEX). It is a very affordable and risk free option to implement Archibus into your corporate information management systems.


Our architecture is multi-cloud which permits us to work with different certified Authorized Hosting Partners: AWS, IBM Cloud, Azure and ORACLE Cloud.

We keep safe policies on back-up keeping data protected and encrypted in separated locations to avoid physical issues.


ASC-HS maintains Certifications in the most realiable Data Management Standards like ISO 27001, and legal mandates like GDPR.

ASC-HS providers must all maintain Certifications of the highest levels like DoD, ISO 27001 and 3, SAS70, etc.

Enabling collaboration

Networking and sharing the expertise of our Global Network of Local Experts: Archibus Business Partners ecosystem.

ASC-HS Marketplace is a collaborative area where our Business Partners can share their expertise and proven experiences; also their products and proven solutions. Our mission is to provide the best add-ons to our customers.


Trust from our market

Our history talks about us. ASC-HS has an immaculate past of proven success and experience that is demonstrated by the trust of our Partners and End Customers.

Thank you all for making it possible. We will do our best to maintain our highest standards!