SilverHost PaaS

Providing Flexibility for ARCHIBUS Cloud.


ASC-HS SilverHost Platform-as-a-Service includes ASC-HS managed hosting and infrastructure as a monthly service.


It does not include ARCHIBUS licencing. 

If you are looking for ARCHIBUS OnDemand (ARCHIBUS licencing + hosting), read our Hosting Options page or read this article for more information. Additionally, you can take a look at our different Delivery Models here.


​Archibus Host PaaS
for ARCHIBUS Hosted

Service Level Agreement for Hosting98,40%

ARCHIBUS optiCloud SilverHost infrastructure monthly service as PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) for ARCHIBUS Hosted.

Recommended with up to 10 concurrent users. There is no SLA for the application.

Multy-layered hosting:


All in one server


Multi-Project / Multi-Tenant:

Not allowed 


Administration access:

FTP to Application Server,
DB access not allowed

You can put your order in through the Customer Portal (requires ASC-HS Extranet user).

What You will get?

You will receive a reliable solution which is suitable for a small company with 3 to 5 concurrent Archibus users. The SaaS offering includes all the nessesary components to run Archibus On Demand in a proffessional manner and it is fully customizable as much as ARCHIBUS technology permits The SLA for the solution is as high as 98.40% and the package includes the following services and features, ensuring the consistency and privacy of Your Archibus application and data:

  • Monitoring Performance & Security: Yes 24×7
  • Management of Hosting Infrastructure: Yes
  • Management of ARCHIBUS DeliveryNo (It is executed by ARCHIBUS Business Partner / Implementor)
  • Support on Hosting: Yes
  • Support on ARCHIBUS product: No. It is PaaS

Technical Features

RAM for the server: 1.5 Gb

File storage included: 1 Gb
Scalable: No

Database (MS SQL Server) storage included: 1 Gb
Scalable: No


  • of the Hosting: 98.4%
  • of the application delivered (ARCHIBUS): N/A


Included security features:

  • Penetration testing (by request)
  • 24×7 monitoring and alerting
  • Validated and audited Cloud Service Providers
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard practices
  • Encrypted Backups
  • Continued software and container patching


  • Backup of the data is done during the night
  • Preserved for 24 Hours
  • Data recovery plan not includedThis means that ASC-HS will provide the backup data to You based on the hourly rate.

Limit recommendation

Recommended for projects with 3 to 5 concurrent users but is able to scale up to 10 Concurrent users to guarantee optimal performace.


This product has a set-up fee. You can find more details in the price list accessible through our Customer Portal (for Partners only).