Strategic Partnership

with ARCHIBUS Business Partners, Resellers and Implementers

What else can we do for you?

We offer

Tendering and Pre-Sales Support for Partners

  • Bundled solutions: Hosting + ARCHIBUS + Add-On Software + Integration.

  • Special conditions for delivery (global or local), like our Content Delivery Network, that improves the performance for inter-continental/global projects’ delivery.

  • Specific research and innovations to fit the needs of your customer in a constantly changing market.

Cloud Consultancy

  • Hosting and Cloud Delivery

  • Cybersecurity and ensuring security in ARCHIBUS Projects

  • Global high performance for inter-continental, multi-site projects, by using technologies like CDN (Content Delivery Network), the standard for performance improvement and global caching replication. For example, CDN is used by Spotify who needs very demanding delivery services in the Cloud.

  • ARCHIBUS optimization for Cloud delivery: Database, Application Customizations, and Reporting.

  • Cloud Business Model

  • Cloud Integration:

    • SSO (Single Sign-On) design, implementation, and delivery.

    • Automatic Synchronization of different ARCHIBUS Projects by using our BRUCE Platform: The Blockchain for Construction Real Estate and Facility Management Data Exchange. 

  • Cloud Technologies