Hosting Archibus

The main focus of our business and area of expertise is

Hosting Archibus. 

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We are Archibus Experts

We have been successfully implementing Archibus since 2000.

In 2008 we shifted our forcus exclusively on hosting and decided to apply our knowledge of implementing Archibus to consultation and support services. Thanks to this background we are able to reach a better understanding of the needs and expectations our clients, Archibus Business Partners.


We are Cloud & Hosting Experts

We have been building and managing our own data centers since 1998.

Before the “Cloud revolution”, and before terms like “Cloud” and “SaaS” were applied to the delivery of Software as a Service by using public Internet in a secure way, we had already deployed the first Archibus Application Service Provision (ASP). 

We are Experts in delivering Archibus in the Cloud

Thanks to our experience that has been accumulating for more than 12 years, we can say that we are experts in delivering Archibus in the Cloud.

In 2007, ARCHIBUS was the first IWMS/CAFM solution in the world to be delivered commercially in the Cloud. Archibus Hosting Services built the business model and created the best-specialized infrastructure for hosting Archibus Cloud.

During these 12 years, we have managed several multi- and international projects provided by our Partners in our infrastructure. Consequently, we have learned the ins and outs of the technology and industry.

We keep the highest levels of Security, Performance, and Availability.