What’s new and what to expect?

As we are coming into the part of the year where most people take some time off to recharge, let us give you a quick preview of what to expect in September.

By Fall, we will have finished the full implementation and integration of our multi-cloud automatized management system including Amazon Web Services, IBM Cloud, MS-Azure and Oracle Cloud. Our clients will have access to a new monitoring dashboard and even better optimized hosting environments for their projects.

We also expect several new exciting projects to be finalized in our Private Cloud coming from various Partners, who have been working hard even during summer to bring them to our platform.

BRUCE Platform prototype 

Additionally, some exciting advances regarding our BRUCE Platform project. We are currently running initial tests and are on track to have a working prototype in September. This is just the first step to fix the pain of automatically synchronizing the Integrated Workplace Management Systems of different stakeholders and IoT.

We have successfully implemented and tested blockchain & X-road (UXP) technologies in BRUCE.

Our BRUCE Platform client application (alpha version) is already able to:

  • Automatically register new Members,
  • Create any kind of service Contracts between members,
  • Register Assets by any member, and assign Contracts to the Assets,
  • Automatically synchronize and broadcast the Assets between contractors (involved members),
  • Manage and track all kinds of Transactions related to the Contracts,
  • Keep accurate data of Assets, Contracts, and Transactions in all the systems involved.

Everything is kept in a secured, immutable and decentralized data ecosystem where every member is able to keep their relevant information synchronized.

We expect to have our fully functional prototype ready on time by the end of September, connecting to different ARCHIBUS projects and keeping all information automatically synchronized when there is a BRUCE Contract (Smart Contract) between them.

BRUCE Platform will permit not only to synchronize ARCHIBUS systems but any others, including IoT devices, just by using our BRUCE Connectors or API.

ASCHS plans to add BRUCE Platform service to its portfolio of ARCHIBUS Private Cloud Services by the end of 2019.

Innovation never rests but we understand that people still have to. Enjoy the rest of your Summer and look for exciting news in the Fall!

„O, Sunlight! The most precious gold to be found on Earth. “

– Roman Payne