ARCHIBUS Hosting Services Marketplace

As we promised new improvements by the end of summer, we are proud to present the beta version of the long-requested ARCHIBUS Hosting Services Marketplace.

The combined knowledge of the Archibus community could create a powerhouse of industry know-how. It is an untapped resource which could enable better performance, happier clients and therefore bigger profits all around. Therefore we created the ASCHS Marketplace.


Archibus Add-ons

Archibus Vertical Solutions

Cloud Ecosystem(TM) Solutions

Point Solutions

Many Archibus Business Partners have created custom-made Archibus modules for their clients. It is very likely that there are many more businesses in the world who would want to use those solutions as well, and the respective Developer should be rewarded for their work.

Why re-invent the wheel when you can just buy a bicycle from the shop?

We are merchandising these custom-made modules and allowing Business Partners to share their Client tested and ready-to-use solutions globally in our Cloud Ecosystem(TM). 

Psst! If the Marketplace feels a bit empty at the moment, it is just because we are waiting for your product submissions. 

Would you like to submit your solution?

Submissions for Solutions are open. Please read our preliminary conditions for the Marketplace. 

If you would like to submit your product, please contact Kaia Kirs or fill out this form.