Cloud transformation is not just moving your servers to the Cloud. It means embracing Cloud-native thinking and defining a new company culture. Business outcomes can greatly benefit from this transformation. When Your IT has adopted the Cloud way of thinking and is able to develop code/applications in a matter of days, is Your business ready for this?

Become Cloud-Native. Redesign Your application to take the maximum of Cloud technologies and to achieve Cloud benefits – cost, scalability, and reliability.

Become Agile as a Business. Move to get quick outcomes and adapt to result-driven workloads in weeks, not months or years. Take full advantage of big data and data analytics.

Code Transformation. Do not migrate to the Cloud with your old technology dept. Take full advantage of the Cloud with automated delivery using containers and serverless technologies.

Application modernization

Cloud-native technologies will add new capabilities and improve cost, reliability and scalability of your developed software

Cloud-Native Thinking. Cloud is not just for new companies and startups. Cloud services offer wide choice of solutions to improve Your applications and IT systems.

DevOps Thinking. Change Your development mindsent to benefit CI/CD pipeline for deployments and operations, while ensuring quality of the code and applications.

Efficiency. Containers and Serverless technologies utilize the underlying physical technology, resulting in savings. Big-data analytics will help You to gain more business outcomes.


Become one with the Cloud

When Your journey to the Cloud ends, journey inside the Cloud begins. You need to inquiry new way of thinking; you need new skills and tools. Our engineering department will show and teach how to be the Cloud.

CloudOps. We are ready to be part to be Your Cloud team whenever needed.

Cloud Building. Our architects are here to crack all the technological difficulties which You might have in order to increase Your business outcome.

Cloud optimization. Analysts will carry out multiple surveys, which will give feedback how to use the Cloud in a more efficient and optimized way.

Professional Services

We are a team of IT experts, whose expertise has helped banks, governmental institutions, enterprises and startups around the world. We can help right now:

Migration to the Cloud

Consolidation of business infrastructure in a modern Cloud platform for increased security, efficiency, and performance. Defining proper migration strategy and approach: hosting, platform selection, architecture. Cloudification of business-critical systems and applications. Migrating legacy physical servers to a state-of-the-art Cloud computing platform to gain a strategic competitive advantage.

Building the cloud

Designing and building the architecture of your Cloud solution: hybrid, private or public. Building Your Cloud while focusing on best practices and Your needs. Design and implementation of needed architecture (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS).

DevOps and automation

Ensure seamless Cloud adoption by implementing the modern qualitative approach to service delivery with increased quality and decreased time to deploy business solutions from days to minutes. Minimize human error and risk. Leverage CI/CD pipelines and automated deployments

Performance and security management

We will protect Your data and secure Your business application with security services like web application firewall, authentication, intrusion detection systems. We do performance monitoring and load testing with continuous infrastructure optimization.

Disaster recovery planning

We implement testing, development and DR environments to rule out and be ready for issues and major disasters.

Cost optimization

Decrease Your Cloud budget and maximize Your ROI. In order to keep the costs down, we need to constantly monitor Your idle resource, storage usage, reserved instances and of course badly provisioned and misconfigured resources.

Cloud Management

Certified team of professionals, who are willing to contribute 24/7. Our platform includes a Service Desk Portal, monitoring and reporting solutions.

Adopting the Cloud might sound complicated. But it does not have to be.

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